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Eugen Sandow posterWelcome to the HOPC Book Store.  We offer contemporary and historical books at affordable prices on a wide variety of topics related to physical culture.  

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Here are a few customer reviews on books sold in our Store. 

Muscle Building Cable Course by Peter Yates"After years of training with iron I’ve recently become a Cable fan and discovered their unique simple efficiency for creating resistance.... this course is excellent as it shows very efficient ways of training the whole body that’s portable with a minimum of equipment. I've seen other instructions for cable training but they don’t match the inventiveness and detailed explanations of this course... I give this course five stars and highly recommend it for any serious trainer that wants to make gains." 

~ Christian H.

The Strand Pullers Super Scrapbook by David Gentle"I was delighted to add this wonderful book to my PC collection. It is one of the best books on strandpulling that I've had the pleasure of reading.  The author has gone to great lengths to offer readers interesting facts and data.  The book contains cable courses, illustrations and detailed instructions to help reach your full potential.  Definitely a keeper." 

~ Walter M. from UK

Gain Massive Muscularity by David GentleThis book offers  solid training information that if put into practice as discussed will have the promised effect. The author not only details the exercises and programs to achieve this end, but also addresses diet and the role that recuperation plays in training. Although written several years ago everything contained in the pages is as valid today as when first laid down and will be so one hundred years from now. -The late Peter Yates, former HOPC Editor-in-Chief

~ Peter Y. from New York

Push-Up Power by Peter YatesKudos to the author and Illustrator!  This is great desktop reference book on bodyweight exercises.  Loads of great information and training advice.  Sticks' illustrations are second to none!  I highly recommend this book. 

~ Conrad D. from New Zealand


Movie Muscle by Peter Yates Muscleanous Series by David Gentle

We proudly present two of our latest arrivals in our Book Store to add to your Physical Culture collection. 

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